8 Inspirational Women You Should Get to Know

In honor of Women’s History Month, PIF Mag is celebrating inspirational women all month. Get to know these 8 amazing women.

Reyna Biddy

We’re kicking off the list with the beautiful Poetress Reyna Biddy who at 22 y/o shares her deep, soulful and raw poetry to women all over the world. She has published her work via her book titled “I love My Love” along with being the powerful voice in the intro who sets the tone for Kehlani’s Sweet Sexy Savage album.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 3.21.27 PM

Elaine Welteroth

Meet the mastermind behind Teen Vogue’s new content direction, which delivers political coverage, social commentary and fashion updates to the hands of young girls everywhere. Elaine Welteroth became Teen Vogue’s Editor in 2016 and she’s been making some serious waves at the award winning publication.

Madame Gandhi

Next up on the list is a beautiful soul inside and out. Madame Gandhi is “an electronic music artist and activist based in LA. She gained recognition as the former drummer for M.I.A. and as the iconic free-bleeding runner at the 2015 London Marathon, Madame Gandhi now writes music that elevates and celebrates the female voice.” We celebrate her inspiring energy and active role in the female alliance!

Madame Gandhi for Nasty Gal

Yara Shahidi

Photography by: Nikkola Mere for Coveteur

Photography by: Nikkola Mere for Coveteur

Known for her role in the TV series Blackish, Yara Shahidi is a powerhouse at just 17 years old. She’s uses her platform to speak about post-election issues like diversity and gender equality and has garnered recognition not only as a talented actress but as an activist in her community.

Mirtha Michelle

Captured by Kathryn Page

Captured by Kathryn Page

Highlighting actress, writer and Best-selling author Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol  who’s latest work ‘Letters to Women Like Me’ is a compilation of essays inspired by conversations she’s had with the women in her life. She poses one to ask eternal questions in regards to love, career, sex and life.

Hiplet Ballerinas

Nia Lyons for Refinery 29

Hipelt Ballerina Nia Lyons for Refinery 29

Hiplet Ballerinas are the ladies who are making history by breaking the mold, pushing boundaries and shattering stereotypes of Ballerinas. They flawlessly and graciously merge hip hop and ballet to create ‘Hiplet’ -an emerging new dance born in the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center.

Emily Oberg

Emily Oberg for KITH

Featuring the young, authentic and talented Emily Oberg- a former Complex anchor turned newly appointed Creative Director for Kith Women and creator of Sportyandrich lifestyle brand and magazine. The 23-year-old will be a driving force in the industry and the future of high fashion street wear.

All Women Project

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 4.18.09 PM

Featuring the ladies behind All Women Project, a non profit organization aiming to better the life of girls worldwide by displaying true, beautiful, body positive photo + video campaigns of women. We admire you and salute you for inspiring girls by providing them with role models and messages that will give them the strength and self-esteem they need to be the strong women.