No Commission Art Fair x The Dean Collection

In the world of Art, where the relationships between the artist, the gallery and the collector are at times strained by the business of the industry, the true meaning of art appreciation and inspiration can be diluted. As an artist himself and long time curator, Swizz Beatz, collaborated with Bacardi as a response to alleviate some of these strains and give the artists the opportunity to display their works for free and take home 100% of proceeds as opposed to the gallery making commission off the sales. Ranging from prominent names in the industry to emerging artists, Swizz’s The Dean Collection displayed at No Commission Art Fair throughout Art Basel weekend in Miami. Spectators, collectors and anyone who simply wanted to grab a drink and speak to artists and be inspired by great pieces, were welcomed free of charge thanks to the Bacardi sponsored event.


Installation by artist Gabriel Dawe

Included in the line up of art works displayed, was the works of legendary photographer and humanitarian Gordon Parks by the Gordon Parks Foundation, an organization that preserves the legacy of the late photographer, author and filmmaker.


Gordon Parks Department Store, Mobile, Alabama, 1956 .

Gordon Parks. 'A dance group,' Frederick Douglass housing project. Washington.

Gordon Parks ‘A dance group,’ Frederick Douglass housing project. Washington.

Parks’ photo essays documented the human condition from the early 1940’s up until his last shoot in 2006, which depicts racism, poverty, civil rights and urban life – he also did a stint with fashion magazines as a freelancer before producing what would be some of the most iconic works for Life Magazine.


Muhammad Ali.,Miami, Florida 1970, ©Gordon Parks Foundation American Champion portfolio.


Gordon Parks photograph of a fashion model.

Other artists that were included in the line up: Sue Tsai, KAWS, Shepard Fairey, SWOON, Lyle Owerko, Gabriel Dawe, Sandra Chevrier, Jerome Lagarrigue, Tomokazu Matsuyama and many others.