Master Chef of Street Food

If you’re a foodie and haven’t heard of Chef Roy Choi then you’re sleeping on him. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Master Chef Choi brings the street food culture to a whole new level with a carefully curated and tasteful menu of food truck favorites in a five-star setting. As a Koreatown native, Choi is committed and passionate about bringing all the beauty and culture that K-town has to offer into the menus of luxurious hotels and upscale restaurants while changing the way Americans eat. These past few years have put Choi on the culinary map with two new restaurants, a hotel grand opening, his own web series on CNN and serving as a film consultant for the movie “Chef”. The rise to a respected and critically acclaimed Chef began when Choi found himself unemployed during the recession in 2008 and an old food truck.

Teaming up with a friend, Choi traveled around Los Angeles dishing out tacos from a food truck they named, Kogi (which is still up and running today). Pioneering in the food truck scene, Choi served up stuffed Korean barbeque in a gourmet fashion –something that wasn’t done before. People viewed street food as messy or dirty or just that -something from the street. Choi changed the way people thought about getting their food from a truck. It wasn’t long until the Master Chef began venturing in opportunities on a larger scale and carving out his name in stone.

Today, along with his new restaurants and hotel, Choi has a hand in 4 other menus from popular restaurants around Los Angeles. He also published a book about his culinary journey and young adult life, which depicts his struggle with drugs after he and his family moved to the OC.

Check out the Campaign4Change video and his Webby Award winning show, Street Food on CNN.

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