The Future is Female: Unity in Color

Just a few weeks ago about 500,000 protesters (mostly women) kicked off President Trump’s inauguration by peacefully protesting policies that threatened women’s rights under the current administration.  The movement drew record numbers at the Women’s March on Washington (WMOW) along with over 600+ organized marches held around the globe.

Since then there’s been hundreds of initiatives focusing on women’s empowerment but one unique project in particular caught my attention. Organized by artist, DJ and host Jasmine Solano, the Unity In Color artistic photography series assembled 50 leading LA-based women of diverse backgrounds to represent unity, solidarity and intersectionality.  All 50 women were photographed and dressed symbolically in warm hues of Yellow, Tan and Gold to pay homage to the early trail-blazing American feminists groups while simultaneously conveying continued hope for the future of the movement.

Visit to learn how you and your local girlgang can get involved.

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