Vintage Maven: Shareen Sarwar

Miami’s design district welcomes fashion blogger and vintage pioneer, Shareen Sarwar. Sparking a whole new world of inspiration, the White Rabbit himself may possibly have led Shareen to Miami to begin her adventure. With her keen eye for potential, Shareen ventured off into a world full of quirky people and style to bring us her uniquely designed and specially handpicked online collection, Vintage Mavens. Miami’s chic-yet-laid-back style is commonly underrated by the fashion industry, but notables like Shareen prove that the city’s fashion scene is more than its annual swimwear extravaganza. 
Shareen learned to trust her artistic vision after graduating from George Washington University with degrees in International Relations and Politics. Though her degrees were in other fields, she applies what she learned throughout her college career to VM everyday.

It’s this environmental consciousness that inspired Vintage Mavens. “I built Vintage Mavens around the idea of recycling gorgeous, vintage clothing rather than buying new,” Shareen tells us. “Our environmentally sound ideology has been implemented into many aspects of our business, including recycled packaging and re-usable materials. It will always be the driving force behind giveaways and product decisions.”

Shareen has been able to take Vintage Mavens to new heights right here in Miami. “It’s more than just the city that hosts Swim Week –it now has an array of small vintage shops, high end boutiques, and amazing designers that will change the face of the industry,” she tells us. “I just hope that VM is offering something to the Miami fashion industry that didn’t exist before…”

Be sure to keep yourself updated with Shareen’s fashion blog, , and peek through her shop, Vintage Mavens.


Yes, this is a dress with an all over print of french fries. We know. It’s freaking awesome.

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